Graduated with honors at the age of 89

Admin 02:47 14-02-2022

Graduated with honors at the age of 89


Mr. Lee Joo-hyung became the oldest university bachelor in Korea this year with a GPA of 4.48/4.5.

Age is just a number for Lee Joo-hyung, 89, who is about to graduate from Tongmyong University in Busan. With a GPA of 4.48 out of 4.5, students majoring in Japanese Studies will graduate with top honors.

Mr. Lee will be honored with a special award presented by the Dean on February 14 and attend the graduation ceremony on February 16. He is also the oldest university bachelor in Korea this year.

Born in 1934, Mr. Lee went to school in Chuncheon city, Gangwon province, but had to give up his studies to enlist in the army.

Decades later, Mr. Lee still harbors a desire to learn. Finally, the old man enrolled in college in 2020, at the age of 86.

"I decided to go to university in my 80s because I wanted to fill the void in my heart," said Mr. Lee, who also wants to prevent dementia through lifelong learning.

The epidemic appeared, leading to the shift of schoolwork to online form. The old man faced many difficulties in using technology, especially using computers. He said his 62-year-old daughter has helped him a lot in his studies.

"It's never enough and it's never too late to learn," said Mr. Lee, who wants to share his knowledge with others through becoming a volunteer teacher.

Not only has a good academic record, but Mr. Lee also gets along with his classmates, despite the huge age gap.

"My classmates call me 'grandpa'. Interacting with young people is great, makes me feel younger," he said.

Professor Kam Young-hee, Mr. Lee's instructor, commented: "His enthusiasm for learning and great personality have inspired other students. I give my respects and congratulations to the other students. a student that I will never forget for the rest of my life."